About Us

Durubata was established in 2012 to deliver high-quality rapid response IT services to a market that was hungry for better service. In the early days, our services were focused on meeting the increasing need for speedy response and operational uptime.

A lot has changed in that time and our services have evolved to deliver market-leading solutions in cyber security, compliance and business continuity. We perform extensive R&D and constantly search for better and more agile ways to deliver technology solutions that have a positive business impact on our clients.

Our Purpse

People focused IT | Beautiful Service | Rocking Results

We believe that technology should always bring about a positive experience. That people should be able to produce with no limitations. That their problems should be dealt with efficiently to bring rocking results – for now and for the future.

Most people do not understand when they first hear “beautiful IT service” for the first time. After working with us for a while, they all do.